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Acute Patient Care

Patient Inquiries

To minimize nurses’ time away from their patients, we ask that phone calls be kept to a minimum and that each family designate a spokesperson who will be responsible for keeping other family members updated on the condition of their loved one. In accordance with the law (HIPAA), pertinent patient information can only be given to such designated callers. We also ask that calls are withheld between 6 am – 8 am and 6 pm – 8 pm while nurses change shifts. There are phones in the patient rooms that family members may call.

For more information on visitation information, hospital amenities and what to bring with you to the hospital, visit our Patient Guide.

Infection Control

All caregivers and visitors must wash their hands or use alcohol foam before caring or visiting with any patient. There may be times when visitors may be asked to wear a mask and gloves before entering the patient's room. No one who is sick should visit a patient in the hospital.

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